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Friday, July 15, 2011

Juice Plus+

Do you get 7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday?
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Good nutrition takes time and planning. Clinically proven Juice Plus+® helps you bridge the gap between the 7 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables recommended by The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the nutrition you actually get with your busy schedule.
Juice Plus+

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weight Loss - Healthy Lifestyle Change

I don't know if any of you would like to join or not, but I thought I'd put out the offer anyway. I'm a member of this site, I've been a member of this site since May 13, 2008. It is a free online diet & healthy living community with over 3 million members who provide support & motivation to each other. When I first joined I was weighing 180 lbs, which for my size & height of 5' that is NOT a healthy weight. Since being a member, I've lost around 40-45 lbs I'm down to 135-134 lbs right now, my goal is to be down to 120 -110 lbs, which for me is a healthy weight.

Anyway, think about it and if you would like, please feel free to add me as your Referrer.

Here's the link to join...

Here's a bit more about SparkPeople.

About Us

At SparkPeople, our mission is to SPARK millions of PEOPLE to reach their goals and lead healthier lives. We offer nutrition, health, and fitness tools, support, and resources that are 100% free, while other sites like Weight Watchers and charge their members for similar services.

Our weight loss program teaches people to stop dieting and transition to a permanent, healthy lifestyle. Far beyond just weight loss, SparkPeople helps everyone learn to eat better and exercise regularly—for life. And people who don’t want to lose weight can still join and benefit from SparkPeople's tools, resources and community features. In addition to informative articles and interactive tools, such as fitness trackers and meal plans, members can find support and encouragement from our vibrant, positive community of members and experts.

All the components of our program mix in an element of fun so that our members truly do stick with their programs. With millions of members, we’ve witnessed thousands of success stories firsthand. We’ve found that using sound nutrition and regular exercise as a “springboard” for success helps our members find greater enjoyment in life and strive for even more goals, creating their own real-life adventures!

We also believe in (and invented the term) HealthtainmentTM, where we combine health with motivation/entertainment to help people make a true lifestyle change. Click here to learn more about HealthtainmentTM.

Member Testimonials:

We love our jobs at SparkPeople, and the best part of our job is reading testimonials sent by our members. We have thousands of great testimonials, here are 4 of our favorites.

“Thank you SparkGuy: I am 58 years old and had decided that life was pretty much done for me. I wasn't motivated to exercise, eat healthy, make new friends. I was just feeling old and used up. Then one day I decided to try to lose a few pounds and while looking online I found your site. Three months have gone by and I am 13 pounds slimmer, walking many miles a week, and I have more friends than I had in high school and they are all rooting for ME!.”

- Sandy D. from Lima, Ohio

Success Stories:

Elaine K.
"I had neglected myself for so long while taking care of everybody else. SparkPeople helped me attend to ME. I lost 40 lbs and lowered my blood pressure."

Tammy S.
"I'm on my way to losing 140 lbs. After losing my first 40, I got a raise at work, improved my attitude, and became closer with my sons. I used to live day by day, but now I can see a much brighter future for my life."

Pat S.
"Everything changes when you work out. Self-confidence (which I never thought I lacked) soared! I thought twice about how I ate. I had endless energy. I was getting compliments on my looks and I was winning or placing in walking contests."

Mike S.
"I lost 30 lbs by limiting the biggie fries, burgers, and beer. I ate 3 healthy meals a day and exercised 15 minutes or more at least once a day."

Josh K.
" I lost 30 lbs AND lowered my cholesterol by tracking my diet and cutting back on huge portions."

Renee B.
"She still has weight to lose, but Renee is able to focus on the positive changes in her life instead of the number on the scale."

Penny C.
"I didn’t know how to change and needed some hope. I truly believe that SparkPeople offers that hope."

Jennifer (Jennibee)
"My life is awesome now, and it is worth every calorie I counted and every drop of sweat to get to this point."

Matt (Justify73)
"I really can't say enough good things about this program…That it's completely free boggles my mind!"

Kim (Kdunphy)
"There are so many wonderful and supportive members at SparkPeople that it's hard not to feel motivated."

Jeff (Ke7cwm)
"I am so confident now that I can not only maintain this for the rest of my life, but continue to improve."

Tom (Wildstar67)
"Unlike other plans, SparkPeople taught me to understand the foods I was eating and how they would affect me."

Trish (Secretracer)
"The rest of this journey that is my life will be spent with my family, having all of the fun and action that I can possibly fit in."

Dennis (Dennisbishop)
"I have learned a lot about myself, and with that knowledge, I've gained more self-confidence."

Wendy (Milly61)
"It’s not just the weight loss, it’s the whole development of good feelings about life, people, and excitement for what the future holds."

Vanessa (Greensparkle)
"If you make smaller changes and work your way up, you will most likely stick with it in the long run."

Ola (SlimSuccess)
"As the motto says, one step back equals two steps forward. We are always a step ahead by continuing."

Toni (Catalya)
"I'm actively looking at what I'm eating instead of just reaching my goals with completely empty calories."

Bruce (brucew)
"I truly believe SparkPeople has given me a new lease on life." Bruce says. "I'm now able to do more with my child, play, run, jump, and live."

Lauren (Willbdunn)
"I used to always feel like I was out of time, but now I feel like I've always got enough."

You can download & read the introduction of the book "The Spark" by Chris Downie the founder of SparkPeople here...